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Health care helps to define a health strategy, achieve medical and personal goals. It includes nutrition, lifestyle, habits, and your lab indicators.
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What does the health coach help with?
without losing focus at work, family, and domestic responsibilities
Make time and explore resources to feel better
Beat tiredness and increase productivity
with scientifically proven and verified methods
Change habits and lifestyles
focusing on your goals and preference
Extend the lifespan and improve quality of life
With a focus on mental health and personal risks
Design and create a better body
get your confidence back without exhausting diets and physical stress
Kale is a service with specialists that supports people with health management. Our knowledgeable team includes highly qualified and successful nutritionists, dieticians, anti-age therapists, and many others.

All of them are highly qualified, successful and experienced experts confirmed by clients
What is Kale?
Verification of diplomas and professional reputation
Each specialist provides us with a diploma, which you can familiarise yourself with at any time
Face-to-face interview with the specialist to test practical skills
Each specialist provides us with a diploma, which you can familiarize yourself with at any time
A thorough audit of a professional career
We request three cases at least and clarify their actuality from clients
Our selection process
Only 1 in 5 coaches passes our selection process before being invited to join our medical team and get access to the platform
Customer stories
New York, care manager in home care office.
I turned to Kale with a request to integrate healthy habits in terms of nutrition and physical activity into my life. If we take the year as a basis, then before working with Natalya, 2 months a year I consciously approached so that I had vegetables and fruits in my diet and began to play sports. The rest 10 months went according to the principle "as it comes." We worked with Natalia for 5 months. Now, 1.5 years after the end of our work, this year already looks like 50/50: 6 months in total I have a balanced diet, almost every day (6 days out of 7) physical activity - from 30 minutes a day. I'm sure this dynamics will only get better.

Moscow, Insurance expert
I turned to Kale because the fight against excess weight and the eternal restrictive diets brought me to some degree of psychosis. Striving for a perfect figure (preferably as of my 16 years old 😂) created anxiety and did not allow me to live a full life.
In the process of working together, we reviewed my Nutrition and physical activity and found out that the problem is that I have confusion and vacillation in my head about healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition - a bunch of myths, demonization of foods and their whole categories, a certain fanaticism in terms of diets and loads - if you really do, then to complete exhaustion and tear yourself to the British flag. We have methodically dealt with all these problems. Most importantly, I abandoned the "life is pain!" Attitude. You don't have to suffer and endure hellish torments for a beautiful body (as it turned out 😂).
After 2 months of work, the results were preserved - I have not been catching potatoes from the soup for a long time and have not unloaded on celery. I eat varied and balanced ... ... without starvation and breakdowns with guilt and subsequent psychosis. And yes! I, it turns out, do not like the gym and iron😂 and I hate the barbell! And she forced herself for years! Normal activity can be recruited in less painful and traumatic ways.
Lead Data Engineer
Since the start of the lockdown, the situation of dissatisfaction with oneself and one's reflection in the mirror has significantly worsened. The sudden loss of physical activity, coupled with a complete lack of nutritional schedules, led to the realization that I would not be able to cope on my own.
When the next record for weight gain was broken, I turned to Kale(Natalia Parilina) for professional help.
Initially, the request was to reduce the weight to 60 kg. Over the next few months, I received a lot of useful, and most importantly, proven and scientifically proven information. Thanks to Natalia, we were able to find the source of problems and weight gain and build a schedule of adequate physical activity. The work was soft and supportive, with the result that the focus of my inquiry was shifted towards health, wellness and long-term results.
In just a few months, I have reduced my weight from 67 kg. up to 63 kg., I saw cubes on my stomach again (I go in for extreme sports and having a flexible and toned body is important for me) and learned how to replenish my energy charge (hurray! hurray! I no longer feel empty by the end of the day).
The greatest achievement is that after more than a year, I manage to maintain the result without much effort, simply following the rules and habits that appeared in my life thanks to Natalia and Kale
Accountant, USA
I turned to the services of HC, as, being a mother of two small children, the weather, I had less and less time for myself, which in turn led to weight gain and a change in the perception of life, where diets were difficult to follow. I decided that I needed professional help and turned to Kale(Natalia) with this question.
In the process of working together, I learned how to listen to my body, understand satiety signals, how to better balance caring for children, taking care of the house, and at the same time making time for myself. I began to exercise every day, for only 30 minutes, which did not create discomfort, but at the same time helped to improve my shape. Thanks to Kale and Natalia, I was able to forget about the word "diet", I stopped being afraid of many products.
After working with HC, many aspects of life improved, self-esteem increased, mutual understanding in the family improved (my husband supports everything and adhered to HC's advice with me), the general physical and moral condition improved noticeably, much more strength and patience appeared. For several months of work, I painlessly was able to lose 8 kg, while not feeling that I was limiting myself in something, the most important thing is that after 1 year, the weight did not return, despite the fact that many changes in my life took place, I went back to work and the time, it would seem, became even less.
Natalia helped me radically change my thinking and outlook on many aspects of health, which turned out to have a beneficial effect on all aspects of life. I highly recommend the services of this specialist.
Teacher. Rostov-on-Don
For six months working with Kale, I have defined goals and prescribed my steps. Only due to the correct organization of nutrition (understanding how to better organize it, and the stability of maintenance are built with the help of Natasha's habits tracker and diary), I lost 3 kg and keep this weight without stress, dieting and sports. An understanding of the need to take care of one's health came not from the position of violence against oneself, but from the position of love. And this is very important! Because then you understand why and for whom you are actually doing this. It became important to understand that it is not a decrease in the amount of food that gives a decrease in weight, but an excess of energy expenditure over its consumption. And this makes it possible to eat without feeling guilty, without the desire to limit oneself. Thanks to working with Natalya, it became very important to understand what you need to eat if you are hungry, and to understand what you really want: to eat or "seize" some feelings and emotions. The dish rule has become one of my basic rules!
I try to comply with it using the menu for the week. I learned this from working with Kale. Somehow I have not thought about such an approach before. Very comfortably.
Special thanks for a selection of simple yet powerful exercises. For supporting and creating a trusting work space: there is no coercion and violence. Before you have to do something for yourself, you come in the process of careful accompaniment. Natasha helps to find such internal motivation, which stimulates to move forward. I like that Natasha does not consider individual areas (food, sports, health care, recreation), but approaches them in a comprehensive manner, making it clear and aware that only harmonious self-care will give results.
I have not yet reached 100% of my goal, but thanks to working with Kale, I can already independently move along the intended path. And this is also a big plus of working with Kale: she teaches how to do it yourself.
How does it work?
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Выбери коуча
Tell us about yourself, goals, and preferences; the more details you provide, the more accurate the result will be
First, fill in the form
We will offer you at least 3 specialists who have proven positive experience based on your request
Second, explore options
if you face any problems, we are here to help you and answer the questions
Third, choose a coach and convenient time
You will be assisted by certified health coaches with evidence-based certificates from the best training programs
We are proud of our coaches
This is just a small part of our team
feeding habits
weight management

University of Rhode Island: Master's in Nutrition
Sodexo Dietetic Internships: Dietetic Intern in Dietetics
Rutgers-New Brunswick Campus: Bachelor's in Nutritional Sciences
development of mobility
Health management

Dr Sears wellness institute: Certified Master Health
Dr Sears wellness institute: Certified Health Coach
Colorado Mountain Courses: wilderness courses

Health Coach Institute: Certified Health Coach & Certified Life Coach
International Coaching Federation (ICF)
National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
HIPAA Workplace Compliance,
eating behavior
first person experience

Stanford University, Introduction to Food and Health
American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness), Health Coach
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy;
Open University, The Science of Nutrition
Mary'sAcademy, Prof. development and current solutions in the field of healthy lifestyle and nutrition;
work-life balance
food system
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Project creators
Owner of several medical businesses, marathon runner and well-being fan. Started a project to cope with stress at work and conquer Everest Mount.
Rim Safiullin
Health coach, certified health coach. For more than 5 years, she has been helping clients around the world to manage their health and achieve new goals.
Chief Health Coach
Natalia Parilina
Corporate marketer, went through deteriorating health, apathy and rethinking lifestyle.
Adel Kadyrov
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